Best Of

Skip the digging and get straight to the good stuff! Here are my favorite writings, accomplishments, and products all in one place. You might dig learning about my background here.

Things I've Written

How To Give a Talk. A very detailed look at the process I use for giving a talk in front of an audience.

Resolving Co-founder Disputes. A guest post on TechCrunch which tells the story about how Zapier got it's name. It also details the dispute which followed and dispute resolution techniques.

Hack My Personality. A personal growth essay. I share my strategy for breaking the introvert mold.

The Biggest Thing I Learned Launching Zapier. An adapted essay of a talk I gave in 2013. Title is very accurate.

A Year in Frontend Development. All of my (possibly outdated) frontend architecture opinions since starting Zapier in late 2011.

Why the Zapier Color is #FF4A00. A quick fun look at the backstory behind Zapier's orange brand color.

Flawless Systems. An early rant against products that don't integrate well. My pre-cursor thoughts to Zapier.

Things I've Done

Spoke at IowaConf 2013. This talk looks back at how I came to co-found Zapier.

Author at InsideFacebook. I wrote about the Facebook Platform as a technical writer for a few years.

Staff-picked Moderator on Facebook Developer Forums. The forums have since shut down but there still exists a hidden Facebook group.

Reverse-engineered HTC phone software. Won a decent community-driven bounty for this! Achieved this by analyzing disassembly output.

Reverse-engineered TI calculator “TestGuard” program. My favorite “hack” so someone couldn't wipe your TI calculator before a test. Did this in middle school.

Things I've Built

Zapier — co-founded in 2011 with two friends, Bryan Helmig and Wade Foster. Zapier gives you internet superpowers by connecting the web-apps you already use to do cool and useful new things.

KnoopVsZombies — an open source Humans vs Zombies game engine which powers Mizzou HvZ, Truman HvZ and BSU HvZ.

Military Basebook — social network for military members inside Facebook. Done on contract for Veterans United.

Startup PR Generator — madlib style press releases, startup weekend 2012. Proudly voted as the “worst startup of the weekend”!

Good Morning Mizzou — a simple, daily campus email about Mizzou (had a few hundred subscribers, abandoned when I switched gears to Zapier)

GraphMon — live updating, Facebook API Monitors (my first failed startup: nobody wanted this.)

AIMwhois - lookup the real name of AIM user names. The first web app I built in highscool.